At S3 Logistics, we treat everybody’s equipment and products as if they were our own. It doesn’t matter whether the client is in the Telecoms or Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical sector, the Legal profession or small to large Printing Companies, we customise the requirement whilst ensuring that the same standards apply.


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Telecoms companies:

Telecoms companies are often called upon to settle insurance claims quickly, issuing replacement like for like equipment.

S3 Logistics advanced in-house security processes facilitate fast and secure delivery of replacement equipment direct to the customer’s door.

Pharmaceutical companies:

Pharmaceutical companies needing transportation of drugs in a safe and secure environment can be accommodated in a customised way.

Often, requirements including shock or temperature control in transit may be specified and these can be successfully adhered to using state of the art technology available to S3 Logistics.

Medical sector:

The Medical sector (Doctors, Surgeons and other participants) often need delivery of critical items, on many occasions to critical timetables, and these deliveries can be actively monitored utilising S3 Logistics in-house tracking capability.

Legal profession:

Participants within the Legal Profession often need critical documents to be delivered safely and securely to court or other lawyers elsewhere, without tampering or other unnecessary manhandling.

Utilising the S3 Logistics in-house secure package registration process together with on-board tracking technology, the client can be as assured as they need to be of the whereabouts of all documents loaded for transport at the start of the journey.


Printers often take orders on behalf of clients who require their printed material delivered to a timetable, in pristine condition.

S3 Logistics take care in packing delivery vehicles, ensuring consistency of loading in such a way that risk of damage is thoroughly mitigated.

Our fleet

We know that Organisations across all sectors require assurance that their equipment or products are treated with all due care and attention. For this reason, we use four-wheel vehicles rather than bikes to ensure security and safety, and all our staff are fully trained and appropriately accredited.